Wewalk for sg

Let’s show our appreciation to our frontline workers for doing a great job to keep our society going, as well as to support the families in need.

wepRepare for sg

Join our webinars. We invited distinguished speakers to discuss with the audience , especially PMETs, as they face and prepare for the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Wesupport charities

We are raising donations for two charities:
(i) Child At Street 11, which provides early education support to children from families that are economically challenged and whose parents lack the ability to provide education support to their children.
(ii) Brahm Centre, which provides support to vulnerable elderly through case management and befriending, and promotes their mental health to enable them to find purpose in their old age.

WeWalk for SG Ambassadors

Mr Baey Yam Keng
Senior Parliamentary Secretary
Ministry of Transport & Culture, Community and Youth

Mr Mark Lee
Popular Artiste

Mr Chung Kun Wah
Radio Personality

Mr Lee Hong Chuang (BBM)
Former National Gymnast