Live with passion
Lead with compassions

Philotimo is the brainwork of a group of Hwa Chong alumni who wish to make a difference in our society. The group comprises members with diverse expertise covering business, financial, legal, education, media and social services.

We believe that it is timely to invoke the spirit of Hwa Chong to address, as part of Singapore society, the challenges of economic and social consequences of COVID-19 for some time to come. Philotimo will not only allow past and present students of Hwa Chong to rally together as one, but also help cultivate a generation of future leaders with compassion as they internalize the ethos of contributing back to society (饮水思源).

Philotimo organises a series of online activities that would leverage on technology and social capital with the goal to show our appreciation to our frontline workers and at the same time raise funds to support groups in need in view of the evolving COVID-19 situation in Singapore.

Our Team

Tan Teck Lee 陈得礼 (CHS 1982)
Timothy Sim 沈文伟 (HJC 83/84)
Toh Boh Kwee 杜木贵 (HJC 83/84)
Pok Cheng Sim 卜清森 (HJC 83/84)
Foong Wai See 冯慧诗 (HJC 84/85)
Lim Jew Pean 林猷斌 (CHS 1985)
 Yeo 杨伟明 (CHS 1986)