Brahm Centre

Happier & Healthier  living

This is a registered charity with IPC status that promotes happier and healthy living. Its signature is mindfulness. It provides support to vulnerable elderly in the form of case management and befriending. It is launching “A Leg Up” initiative to offer secondary school students enrichment classes who would otherwise not be able to afford. This program will offer less privileged students a safe place to learn life skills and even practice mindfulness to calm their emotions while their parents are at work.

At “Our Campaigns” on, there are two charities we support. You may choose to donate to anyone or both of them. To donate to a charity, click on that campaign icon.

How to donate to both charities in one payment? At each charity’s donation page, click “Add To Cart” instead of “Donate”. After doing that for both charities, click the cart icon at the top right corner. View your basket and make one payment by credit card for the sum of two donations.

We thank the following Supporters who have collectively pledged to donate a sum of about $40,000 to the two charities supported in WeWalk for SG (names arranged in alphabetical order):