Journeying through COVID-19

Promoting Community and Family Resilience in Singapore.

What can Singaporeans, emerging from COVID-19, do to rebuild better for the road to recovery?

A two-hour webinar was held on 30 May 2020 to address some of the bio-psycho-social issues that many Singaporeans are encountering in the evolving COVID- 19 situation. More than 800 people registered for the webinar and about 600 attended.

Ms. Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, delivered the keynote address. She shared the resilience Singapore had built over the years, the impact COVID-19 had on us, and what Singaporeans had been doing in response. She emphasized that, while the Government has stepped up to support the people, we cannot substitute the energy and resources residing in the people. What the people need are volunteers and neighbours who will respond to their needs and encourage them in time of darkness. It is a time in need of individual and community resilience.

Minister Fu then answered some questions from the attendees and interacted with a panel of distinguished speakers from the medical, psychology, social work, and financial fields.

Dr. Daniel Fung gave a presentation to introduce mental health, stress and illness in the context of COVID-19 pandemic, and focused on how to help children, youths and their parents, general public and healthcare workers in this time. Dr. Fung advised that managing needs and expectations, balancing work, play and family life, are important to maintaining well-being and happiness in trying times like this.

After that, the panellists answered further questions from the attendees and gave their take on possible issues in post-Circuit Breaker resumption of businesses and schools.

A special “COPE COVID-19” booklet, co-produced by UNICEF, was launched during the webinar by Ms. Martha Keswick, Author of COPE COVID-19, and Mr. Marc Rubin, UNICEF Regional Emergency Advisor for East Asia and Pacific . This booklet offers health and psycho-social instructions on caring for children below ten years old, and guides parents to teaching their children on coping with COVID-19. This booklet can now be downloaded for free online at

Representatives from eight established social service organisations also attended the webinar to understand the attendees’ concerns. The eight `stakeholders’ are stated below. They provide outreach to the community and will offer help to any person impacted by COVID-19 in some way or another. Through such webinar series, we hope to start creating an eco-system of support by reaching out to people in the community who may need assistance as they bounce back from the impact of COVID-19.

We thank Minister Grace Fu and the distinguished panelists for speaking at the webinar.

We thank the team from the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Mr. Ephraim Loy

Mr. Jason Boey

Mr. Joshua Yee

We appreciate the involvement of the following stakeholders in our planned service to engage the audience after the webinar:

AMKFSC Community Services Ltd

Association for Marital and Family Therapy, Singapore

Brahm Centre

Care Corner Singapore Ltd

Counselling and Care Centre

Monfort Care

Singapore Association of Social Workers

TOUCH Community Services

Community Psychology Hub Online Counselling

The Community Psychology Hub (CPH) provides emotional support on marital, family and divorce issues. This service is provided free-of-charge by the counselling professionals at CPH.

Criteria for service:

–        Singapore Citizen / Resident in Singapore

–        At least 18 years old

Operating hours:

–        Live chat: Monday to Friday (9am-6pm) (except public holidays)

–        Email: Anytime. Counsellor will reply within 3 working days

 Visit or scan the QR code for more information

This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development 

Triple P Online (TPOL)

Triple P Online (TPOL) is an evidence-based online parenting programme that equips parents with positive parenting skills. Available to parents of both young children and teens.  

Parents may sign up for a free TPOL parenting programme.

Visit or scan the QR code for more information

Provided by the Ministry of Social and Family Development


View the full listing at: or scan the QR code for more information

FFL FB has put up weekly schedules of FB Live and pre-recorded videos conducted by professionals from various fields (medical, social service etc) and volunteers. They aim to provide information relevant to families, for example coping with COVID-19 and home-based activities.

COPE COVID-19 Booklet

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